The Earth Citizen and Plato’s Cave

The Earth Citizen is a profile of a Citizen that every country should aspire to develop. Speaks English, works to maximize progress within the constraints of sustainability without leaving externalities, guarantees social inclusion, incorporate diversity and the best use of every human brain, values Harmony and will make sure that s/he will leave a better Earth for her/his return in the next incarnation.

Singapore is the leading country in this concept and China and many other Asian nations are following. No Western Country. Why? Plato’s Cave. The workings of self-interest in Western capitalism through corporations, government, media and religion.

The rise of China, the recent pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war give us some important data to be analyzed with the scientific method.

It is important to use scientific method to find the Truth: looking at empirical evidence analyzed by professionals Without Conflict of Interest. Once we find the Truth, it is surprisingly Very Good, but there are some important challenges, specially in the Western World.

In order to understand this context, let’s look at the chronology of life and knowledge in the world:

  • 14 billion years ago: Big-Bang from 1 proton
  • Hydrogen, Helium and every chemical element is formed in the Universe
  • 4.6 billion years ago Earth is formed through gravity with multiple collisions of those elements in the form of dust and gas
  • 3.8 billion years ago molecules are formed and evolved into 4 basic elements necessary to create a cell (life): proteins, lipids, complex carbohydrates and nucleic acids (DNA)
  • 600 million years ago the first animals
  • 20 million years ago the first apes
  • 6 million years ago the first humans
  • 2 million years ago the first homo erectus
  • 200.000 years ago the homo sapiens (with self-interest we start to do planning)
  • 12,000-50,000 years ago: Atlantis
  • 4,400 years ago Babylon, Egyptians
  • 4,200 years ago China
  • 2,500 years ago Greeks Philosophers (Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)
  • Dark religious ages
  • 500 years ago Renaissance in Europe (Scientific Method and Truth)
  • 250 years ago US Republic, Industrial Revolution and Economics (Adam Smith)
  • 140 years ago Japan West catch-up
  • 90 years ago Macroeconomics (John Maynard Keynes)
  • 60 years ago Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) and the Asian Tigers catch-up (Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and South Korea)
  • 45 years ago China catch-up (Deng Xiaoping)
  • 30 years ago India and ASEAN catch-up

What can we learn from this chronology?

  1. The human being is an amazing machine of 3.8 billion years of genetic technology;
  2. There are three Natural Laws important to achieve maximum evolution: Progress, Meritocracy and Social Inclusion
  3. Self-interest is a characteristic of homo sapiens that differentiated us from other species bringing much faster development.
  4. Any human machine can perform if the right incentives are put in place with adequate resources
  5. The Asians are presenting the fastest growth rates since the second world war, with Singapore and China leading in a path with the most competent politicians in Human History, demonstrating the errors of the liberal ideology (assuming that governments are incompetent and corrupt).

The Western civilization performed a faster development path than the Eastern civilization for centuries. After the second world war, two men drove a shift on wealth creation in the world:

  • Keynes presented the theory on how to have continuous growth through the management of aggregate demand, and
  • Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) put that in practice in Singapore with the best human leadership we have ever had.

Singapore and China are building Earth Citizens incorporating western technology and now the West needs to catch up incorporating harmony and better governance in its political system.

Challenges in the West (US/Europe):

  1. Competent and Independent Government. Government officials need to have a very competitive compensation system, like the private sector, in order to attract talent and align their incentives with the best interest of The People;
  2. Corporate corruption and media censorship. The corporations of capitalism capture government and media to protect their own interest and not the interest of The People:
    • The lobby that is allowed in the US system is a clear scheme to protect corporate interests that are not good for The People: weapons, drugs, health system etc.
    • The US/Europe is favoring the war in Ukraine with the interest of selling weapons.
    • India, Egypt and most African nations got rid of covid with a generic drug (ivermectin) while the developed world continues prohibiting it and imposing mRNA vaccines without disclosing bad side effects (e.g. myocarditis).  Covid Deaths Ranking.
    • FDA, NIH, CDC did not allow ivermectin to be used in the US in spite of all the evidence (Clear evidence with real-time meta-analysis of 95 studies), in order to protect US corporate interests (pharmaceutical companies); Front Line Covid19 Critical Care.
    • Major media in the West did not disclose all the good research and evidence from other countries on this generic drug to protect the interest of their advertisers; the censorship on all the doctors and researchers is a clear sign of lobby and fascism in the region
    • Major media in the West does not present fair information about what goes on in Asia, they always put a negative spin that keeps The People in the Cave.
  3. Religious beliefs and governance. The concept of resurrection of Christ, against science and common sense, deviates from the more natural belief of reincarnation (most spread in the East) that creates a stronger bond between the individuals and Earth considering the concern with environment and sustainability. Religious organizations need to pay taxes like any other business and disclose their financials to all their members (In God We Trust, nobody else with self-interest). The Mormon scandal of the US$32B fund is a clear proof of bad materialism spoiling spiritual values, consistent with the multiple issues faced by the Vatican.

Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore Government Officials Speeches:

Other interesting videos about the East and West Issues:

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Eduardo Giuliani

Edu é místico* e empresário nos setores de agronegócio, bioenergia, venture capital e imobiliário. Trabalhou como consultor pela McKinsey & Co. (1991-97) e investidor pela Advent International (1998-99). Iniciou estudos sobre crescimento econômico em 1994 com o Curso National Economic Strategies de Bruce R. Scott na Harvard Business School (Membro do U.S. Competitiveness Policy Council). Cursou System Dynamics no MIT (1994). Liderou trabalho de produtividade em Telecomunicações e Construção no McKinsey Global Institute (1997). Engenheiro de Produção pela Escola Politécnica da USP (1989). MBA pela Harvard Business School (1995). Tenente da Reserva do Exército (1985). Casado. Três filhos. Tri-atleta. * místico é uma pessoa que aborda os mistérios da vida através do método científico, sem aceitar dogmas e ideologias. Método científico sendo o processo de fazer análises de evidências empíricas sem ter conflito de interesse.

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