The Wealth of Humanity: Just Do It!

Prosperity with Harmony is already a possible reality for Humanity. The macroeconomic theory developed by Keynes (maximisation of aggregate demand) complemented Smith’s progress economics (invisible hand, laissez-faire, market prices based on supply and demand). Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) leadership brought harmony into this equation, guaranteeing what democracy alone cannot do: inclusiveness. Singapore led the way and China followed this development strategy so over the last 55 years they gave us the empirical evidence of consistent inclusive growth. The inappropriate use of human beings potential (a genetic machine of 2 billion years) must be put out of the equation as we move forward.

Maximisation of aggregate demand that guarantees employment through competitive exchange rates, low interest rates, and fiscal surplus for investments in the social infrastructure of education, health, housing, communication and mobility for the bottom half of the social pyramid are the key elements.

The macroeconomic technical solution is simple, however to implement this policy we need to build political will, as LKY did in Singapore with the People Action Party. We have to face groups in power which only look at their own self-interest without considering the whole community. In Brazil, as an example, we have issues with 4 main oligarchies: financial, agribusiness, public servants and clergy.

The USA is struggling with its core values. The USA Constitution strengthen to Humanity the concept of Freedom/Liberty (Live Free or Die) in 1776. We learned as well from the Dutch the importance of respecting the differences, that discrimination is not a smart strategy, it limits the options as talent does not chose material body.

Democracy by vote alone does not guarantee inclusiveness as fascists governments like Trump, Hitler and Bolsonaro, through the hate strategy against minority groups (e.g. left wingers), gain support with the self-interest of the majority. Our collective interest is to have Harmony, and to achieve this goal we must understand the needs of the minority in order to engage their brains as well in the evolution of Humanity. [George Yeo: Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All]. Leading political parties need to build a Plan for The Country that goes beyond individual leaders and candidates.

Corona Virus, which I call Marco Polo virus for bringing East and West together, gave us a chance to see how horrible many countries are treating their bottom end of the social pyramid: USA, Brazil, India, Peru, Mexico, Chile etc.

We have social challenges in many countries including these irresponsibles in the covid war as well as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other African nations. China on the other hand needs to move closer to a democratic, more transparent society to gain the trust of the western world. These are not impossible challenges nowadays that we have the wealth and the know-how on how to handle these situations.

Our lives have two main dimensions: spiritual (soul, conscience) and material (self-interest). The phrase “In God We Trust” means that we can trust the will of the collective soul (God through our conscience), but not the individual soul (self-interest).

If we listen to our conscience and understand our role in this life (push the evolution of Humanity) we need to JUST DO IT!

JFK: Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

Einstein: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Amenhotep IV: Unto Thee I Grant: The Economy of Life

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Eduardo Giuliani

Edu é místico* e empresário nos setores de agronegócio, bioenergia, venture capital e imobiliário. Trabalhou como consultor pela McKinsey & Co. (1991-97) e investidor pela Advent International (1998-99). Iniciou estudos sobre crescimento econômico em 1994 com o Curso National Economic Strategies de Bruce R. Scott na Harvard Business School (Membro do U.S. Competitiveness Policy Council). Cursou System Dynamics no MIT (1994). Liderou trabalho de produtividade em Telecomunicações e Construção no McKinsey Global Institute (1997). Engenheiro de Produção pela Escola Politécnica da USP (1989). MBA pela Harvard Business School (1995). Tenente da Reserva do Exército (1985). Casado. Três filhos. Tri-atleta. * místico é uma pessoa que aborda os mistérios da vida através do método científico, sem aceitar dogmas e ideologias. Método científico sendo o processo de fazer análises de evidências empíricas sem ter conflito de interesse.

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